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Co-hosted by rubikAI and Up Co-working Space, AI Series Talks was the first activities within the framework of Vietnam Frontier Summit 2019. On 10/08/2019, the first session of AI Series Talks has taken place at BKHUp Co-working Space. In this session, the audience had a chance to review a case study: Creating horror audio stories using Deep Learning. With an aim to inspire the next generations of AI (Artificial Intelligence) leaders, AI Series Talks was an unprecedented chance for start-ups, developers and technology enthusiasts to learn and network.

Being a platform for developers from all levels to gather, network and bounce ideas off their peers and colleagues, the very first session of AI Series Talks has taken place with a very exciting and intriguing topic: "The application of Text To Speech: Creating horror audio stories using Deep Learning." The one day activity has welcomed Mr Pham Van Toan, AI Researcher & Developer at Sun*Inc as a special speaker. With many years of experience in developing Web Application, Computer Vision and especially Deep Learning, Mr Toan has shared his own knowledge and skills in implementing a speech synthesis problem.

AI Series Talk #1 was a special activity to apply your coding knowledge in solving factual problems. After being explained about creating text-to-speech model in order to create horror audio stories, audience taking part in the activity was divided into several small groups in order to brainstorm the possibilities of creating a virtual assistant that can read fairy tales and answers children’s questions. The case study gave audiences a great opportunity to learn more about speech synthesis technology and steps taken in a speech synthesis problem.

Answering the most important question of the discussion, Mr. Tien and Mr. Dai all believed that Intellectual Transformation has a long-term potential in Vietnam market. Mr. Tien also commented that "Intelligence Transformation completely has potential for development in Vietnam. The important thing is we know how to utilize data to optimize the performance of existing business models and develop new business models in the future.”

Other activities of AI Series Talks will be hosted by rubikAI and Up Co-working Space in the upcoming months. Besides, Vietnam Frontier Summit 2019 has made a comeback with the theme "Intelligence In Motion" with various activities for startups, developers, students and AI enthusiasts. The main event will occur on 6 October, so register now to grab your chance to be a part of the biggest event of the year!